A20 Telric’s Horses 2.0

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Here is a download link for a ‘one off’ update by special request for Telrics Horses 2.0 Mod. The original thread that outlines this mod and others by Telric can be found here.

arramus’ role in this is purely as custodian although he shall attempt to address any issues if they arise.

As the original thread explains, Telric is deeply involved in Telrics Fantasy Quest World and bringing A19 content up to date has naturally been secondary. In addition, Telrics’ content is typically not just updated for each new Alpha but also expanded on and this has not been possible for A20. As such, this update is a special case.

Here is the original introduction of Telrics Horses 2.0 Mod from the A19 page.

Requires New RWG Restart

Seek out Maybell’s farm and prove your worth to the NPCs there. Do quests to increase your reputation. Upon reaching a couple milestones, you’ll be rewarded with your very own horse. Once you have a horse, and the proper reputation, the farm will allow you to participate in the horse course. Completing this course will give you the option to increase your horse’s speed.

The update was completed in-house, that is with input from those belonging to Telrics Discord with permission by Telric. This is purely just a one off for A20 as things stand.

It loads up without any warnings, and all appears to be updated and functional. A20 updates include features such as bringing Maybell’s Farm POI up to date due to obsolete blocks, updating loot entries, entity groupings, horse ‘vehicle’ features from which we thank Zilox whose xml could be cross referenced for the NMM Medieval Horse to look for mismatches with A19 and remove trial and error to speed up the process, updating entity class features to match default updates, and so on. It is possible some things may still need to be addressed and your feedback is welcome.

Here are a few images to outline some of the highlights.

Grandma Maybell is back at Maybell Farm with her family and waiting for your visits as they have Quests for you to complete.

7 days to die a20 telric's horses 2.0 additional screenshot 1

Maybell Farm will spawn in the Wilderness. Due to A20 RWG algorithms, it will pretty much be guaranteed to spawn once, but any more than that is not certain. It’s a good idea to check the location before using that World as a Maybell Farm in the Wasteland will not be ideal for the residents and interactions.

7 days to die a20 telric's horses 2.0 additional screenshot 2

Vincent is still very busy with the stables and has some errands for players to perform. Completion of these errands from the family members will make you a very welcome visitor and it won’t be so long until you are invited to formally participate in the horse course.

7 days to die a20 telric's horses 2.0 additional screenshot 3

The horses remain content but the desire to be fed apples is as constant as ever.

7 days to die a20 telric's horses 2.0 additional screenshot 4

The horses’ health/appetite ^^ will be topped up as they receive these treats.

What more can be said? The horses are out in the wilds awaiting your interaction.

7 days to die a20 telric's horses 2.0 additional screenshot 5

Here is an update YouTube video to show something Telric is working on for the Fantasy Quest World and show what has been limiting time elsewhere.


Pushed a small update to the horses:

Changed loot group rottenFood to groupFoodTrash as rottenFood is not hooked up to any containers. groupFoodTrash is for the trash bags/box/kitchen container type locations and will ensure Apples are more available.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: arramus, Telric

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