Zombie Reach Adjustment

7 days to die zombie reach adjustment, 7 days to die zombies

Halves zombie reach so they can’t hit you outside of spear range anymore.

XML Only Mod (can be installed on servers with no client download).


  • (new) Updated the Zombie Reach mod for the new alpha as it didn’t work correctly (it should now).
  • Fixing uploading the wrong file.


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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KhaineGB

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3 thoughts on “Zombie Reach Adjustment

  1. This is nice! Seems realistic, but not overpowered (I know, because I still get my but kicked). My game runs fine with this mod.

    Thanx for the mod!

  2. Oh, my. I am going to try this asap. I really was wondering about how easily and readily the rotters were hitting me.

    On a somewhat related note, I feel that the zombie jerks are using that dodgy stagger forward and lunge towards you attack move they can do, noticeably *more* often, in a21. Between that, and their magical reach, I am finding the solo game at least, more difficult.

    This isnt even getting into the water nerf, and the fact that if you DO get hit, I know seem to suffer multiple, and serious conditions, that I rare have the meds for, at least in the early game. The damage the multiple conditions can do, is significant, let alone the physical damage they so easily do.

  3. tems.xml” from mod “ZombieReach” did not apply: <set xpath="/items/item[@name='meleeHandMaster']/effect_group/property[@class='Action0']/property[@name='Range']/@value" (line 2 at pos 3)

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