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  1. Hello mate I do like this forge mod however I do miss the Advanced Forge, is there any way you can bring that back for Alpha 21 or is the HD version it’s replacement?

  2. Does not work. When selected from workbench console appears and says reference to object not found. Using A19 (b180)

  3. Do it for Anineteeeeennnn… DO IITTT <3… Also could I have the Forge ALONE for does it have to come attached with the extra tool belt and backpack stuff?

  4. Hi!
    1st of all, you made an awesome mods!

    I’m updated to 2.95, and I can’t use HD Forge!
    I put it on the floor (roof top of building where I’m living on), and put some wood stairs (even just wood) as fuel and iron ore + clay for smelting, and “smelt” button are clickable, but doesn’t smelt anuthing. Even when I set up all three tools, it does nothing.

    What’s I do wrong?
    Some screen shots:


    You need to use that GREEN FERGITTIN ELIXIR !!!!!!!!! It resets all perks you set to 0, then you can upgrade all and when you upgrade PackMule again to max, you have ALL SLOTS OPEN !!!

    It is nox bug of the mod, it is simply a game mechanism…

  6. hello yes the mods ware not competible so i deletet some of them to make it work
    now i have problems with forge the error pops up when i want to make the forge

  7. Hey guys i need help, i installed the whole package and nothing happens. In the console when i load a game it says that there is no XML files so it wont load the mod… what did i do wrong? thanks!

  8. hello i am wondering how to open al of the 105 slots i have a pack mule to the max and i onli open half of the slots what opens the rest so that i don get encumberd

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