No Sleeper Respawn

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This is one of the first and only mods ExtremeLurker has made. He has never liked the sleeper respawns. He know they’re necessary for public multiplayer servers, but he only play single player and private multiplayer servers with one or two other people, and he would always thought it would be really fun to try to clear out towns, building by building. Besides, it detracts from the realism a bit for him how buildings are always refilling.

ExtremeLurker really wanted there to be some XML setting for this, but it was never added, and him and his friends wanted to be able to clear towns so much that this was one of the main driving forces of him learning how to mod the game.

He know this was done before, but the other version stopped working and seems to be no longer maintained. The other version relied on IL modifications, whereas his version is a much more simple change and should be more resilient to updates. He has used it in all versions of 7 Days to Die Alpha 18 with no issues on single player and a dedicated linux server.



  • Adjusted the code such that if the mod is removed, sleepers will be able to respawn in POIs cleared while the mod was installed
  • Tested on A18.4

This is a DMT mod. It requires DMT modding tool in order to apply it.


You can support ExtremeLurker’s modding efforts via PayPal.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ExtremeLurker

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