Not Just Any Place

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This mod skips over the tutorial quests, replacing it with an alternate intro dialogue. The four initial starter points are awarded after reading the dialogue. It also removes the default starter inventory and replaces it with two unique items only available on spawn.

To personalize your own intro dialogue open the Localization, and replace the quoted text there. Wyr3d advise running through the start once if you are unsure what you need to change, as this can be finicky.

To personalize your own starter inventory, open entityclasses (use notepadder, or notepad) and change the value text to the required items. You can include more than just the two also. To get the desired item value, open up the item.xml and search for them.

7 days to die not just any place additional screenshot


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Wyr3d

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