Sack Coal

7dtd sack coal

This mod adds 3 new types of coal sacks to the 7 Days to Die. Building big is fancy, but also a pain in the back. Reason: Calculating burn times. Especially for the forge. To make it short:

  • Added 3 types of coal sacks: 10, 30 & 60 minute different burn time.
  • Craftable in the workbench. Coal needed: 10, 30 & 60. Claymore know: Simple math is simple.
  • Raised the general burn time of one coal to 60 seconds to make it finally better than wood, and give it a well known use – even for a single piece. This makes it 3 times better than one wood.

Compatibility: A18+

1.0.1: Small typo prevented to get the alternation of one piece of coal not applied. Fixed.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Claymore

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2 thoughts on “Sack Coal

  1. Great mod. I dont why TFP have left this out. If not for these kinds of mods I would trash this game in the reviews!

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