Winter Project

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Welcome to the Winter Project 2019 by Sphereii and Xyth.

After many delays, the Winter Project 2019 arrived just in time to be fashionably late.

Enter the cold and unforgiving 7 Days to Die world buried under a snow apocalypse. Find new challenges as you explore the desolate icy wasteland, and see if you can unlock Winter Project’s secrets.

In order to generate the world properly, please use the pre-generated worlds:

  • Winter Project 4K
  • Winter Project 6K
  • Winter Project 8K

Thank you to the following mod creators who helped shape out the world with their mods:

Special thanks goes to Mumpfy for his texturing work.


  • Winter Project updated to A18.3.
  • Small tweak: Disabled the Quick Continue feature, which auto-loaded your last saved game. This was leading to confusion.
  • In order to update through the Mod Launcher, you will need to delete and re-install the mod. If you wish to remain on your A18.2, plus uncheck Refresh Mods Automatically, and you should be able to continue to play.

Download & Install

To Build and run Winter Project manually, you will need to use the DMT Tool and download the following repos:

Download Github Repo
Download Gitlab Repo (includes pre-generated worlds)

Also this mod available in the 7DTD Mod Launcher’s sphereii-mental section.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: SphereII, Xyth

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