Working Elevator

7 days to die working elevator, 7 days to die electricity

This mod adds a working elevator to the 7 Days to Die.

An elevator model in the game. It is very particular and Guppycur will not be changing it.

This is not a sdx mod, there is no code, so it is not fancy.

It will move an elevator from one floor to a second floor. That is it. This is essentially a door and using some trickery and colliders it’ll move you up and down. Nothing more.

If you have a base that has floor, space, space, space, floor, and enough space to add your own elevator shaft (the elevator takes up 3 wide, 7 high, 3 deep) then this mod for you!

This elevator mod works with Alpha 17 and Alpha 18 game versions.

Guppycur highly recommend using concrete plates for the front cover, and build your shaft as needed. You just need to leave a 3×3 empty space in between the walls.

Shaft Requirements: 10 High (includes floor and ceiling), 5 Wide (1 and 5 are the left/right walls), and 5 Deep (1 and 5 are the front/rear walls)

For your convenience there are two included prefabs a pre-made elevator shaft and an elevator shaft with elevator in this mod. Simply copy the contents of modnam/prefabs to your data/prefabs folder


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur

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4 thoughts on “Working Elevator

  1. Installing, wondering if the readme from another one of your mods was included by mistake?

    The read me file with this reads:

    “Guppycur’s Blood Moon Trickle Fix

    This mod adds in more zombies in the final stages of the blood moon horde, increasing the zombies until morning”

    As best I can see the assets look like the elevator mod, don’t want to mess with my blood moon!

    Fingers crossed it works ok

  2. Would be really helpful if the distance that the elevator goes up could be changed. Is there a simple way to adjust it in one of the xml files?

  3. Hello.

    Is it possible to inscrease the distance between the 2 doors ?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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