Classic Style Hardcore Mod

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Classic Style Hardcore continues to develop the original idea laid down in the early Alphas of 7 Days to Die.

But there are many changes associated with improvement in favor of modernity. n2n1 introduce innovations, but he try to be careful with the original material and the atmosphere from Initial 7DTD. This is going in the direction of hardcore survival. The entry threshold is very high, but this is the price for deep gameplay – this is unavoidable.

This is about Survival. Do Reasonable Things or You Fail.

Here you can see how people who are not afraid of difficulties play this mod:

Here is a right attitude to survival, in Japanese:

A look at the past. A16 in 2021 (Russian language):

Season#2 from Dayther やまだ (In Japanese):

Mod showcase from channel Camoes Gamer:

These great tools used to create this mod:

  • “Prefab Editor” (Thanks Pillle)
  • “UABE” (Thanks DerPopo)
  • “Hal’s Prefab Editor” (Thanks HAL9000)


HOTFIX for CSH v19.5.00

This IMPORTANT hotfix returns the display of XP without which it was not possible to get XP. (there are also changes in the mod-launcher)

You can compensate for the lost XP by entering the console command “giveselfxp”. Can calculate the approximate amount of XP by the number of zombies killed (shown on the character tab).

The number of zombies is multiplied by the average XP they give (let it be ~450-500). Now substitute the resulting number instead of XXX and enter it into the console: giveselfxp XXX

His apologies.

Terms of Use

  1. Content created by the author of the mod or third parties, which NOT based on the developments of “The Fun Pimps” – belongs to the creators of this content.
  2. The terms below do not apply to the owners of the game “The Fun Pimps”, as they already have the right to use their own content or code, including those that were created on the basis of their development. The author of this mod does not mind that “The Fun Pimps” use any ideas or materials from this mod to improve the quality of the Game “7 Days to Die”.
  3. You can use the mod, change or take any of the content for personal use outside of the public – without permission.
  4. You can use the mod without changes (as is) on public servers for non-commercial purposes or show the gameplay – without permission.
  5. To use the mod in public, or create a public server with changes in the configuration files xml, txt, dll or other resources – you must ask the author of the mod for permission.
  6. If you want to publicly use any materials or content from this mod outside of this mod, you must ask the author of the mod for permission.


You can also download an archive with corrected textures. It will be suitable and will not require updating for the duration of the entire version 19.5 (B60). This is an optional extension: Fixed Textures~700Mb (now it corrects the brightness of the textures of old trees and removes the glow of burnt zombies)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: n2n1

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