Duster Airplane Mod

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This mod adds Duster plane to the 7 Days to Die. It might look like it belongs in a museum, but it’ll keep you off the ground and away from the zombies!


  • Requires Grease Monkey 5.
  • Has 2 seats.
  • Wide turn radius and low torque means you better take it easy on this ol’ girl!
  • Not very fuel efficient, but that’s the price of relative safety.
  • Speed is set to 18. Durability is 5k.


Added new engine/horn sounds.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

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8 thoughts on “Duster Airplane Mod

    1. No, it’s not. A Sopwith had only one seat, this has two, the propellers are also different amongst other things.

  1. All vehicles from this modder works fine except for this one. Even with huge runway this plane refuses to take off. I don’t know if there are missing controls but it’s unflyable at least when you use normal control buttons (gyro, helis).

    1. Scratch my first comment. Mod works fine. Some vehicle’s modifications from other mod caused the problem just with this vehicle.

      1. how did you manege to take off? I’m unable to get off the ground in it. The gyrocopter works fine, but this plane just won’t get almost any air before crashing back down.

  2. For some reason, (note, I’m using this mod as part of War3zuk’s AIO) this plane is uncontrollable. If I try to fly it, it just turns to the right, I can’t get it to go straight either with the mouse locked or with the WASD keys.

  3. soooooo. fun times
    – the mouse steering is reversed
    – C will tilt it forwards, SPACE might tilt it up but on the ground seems to act as a brake and it stays on the ground a lot
    – A and D seem to bank it rather than turn it
    the most luck I had was a super long runway, I nudged it forwards and mouse steered until I thought it was straight on the runway and then clicked to lock the steering. I held down W and SHIFT (maybe it does something) and I pressed C to get the tail up and level and then it started to gain speed and take off, the backwards steering quickly messed things up for me but that was the highest I ever got it, 3/4 of a tree high, will try again I suppose, was hoping there would be some controls info on the wiki here

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