Max Health Increase to 1000

7 days to die max health increase to 1000

Install Instructions

In your 7 Days to Die local files, create a new folder named Mods. It’s time to download the mods you’d like to use.

Locate and download those particular mods.

Using a program such as 7Zip or WinRAR, unzip those mods(using an empty folder can help with ensuring the mod is unzipped properly). Mods will unzip generally in this format: \ModFolder1\ModFolder2\ModInfo.xml\

For mods, you would only need the folder that contains the ModInfo.xml file. That would mean in the above example, you would only pull and keep \ModFolder2\ModInfo.xml.

You would then place that folder containing the ModInfo.xml file into the Mods folder in your 7 Days to Die local files.

Repeat this for each mod downloaded. Once done, start 7 Days to Die and this will load the mods.

With the types of mods coming out with increased zombie hordes, more enemies… sometimes you can be overwhelmed by a horde of zombies.

I have created this mod to give people or new players to the game a little boost as to help get out of sticky situations. The health on this mod has been increased to 1000 i will upload.

Next mod i am working on will be a one shot mod, for the elite players of the game.


If you appreciate LucasAdrian’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: LucasAdrian

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