Riles HUDPlus

7 Days to Die Riles HUDPlus, 7 days to die hud mod

Mod that provides more information on the HUD while still maintaining a simple look. You can now easily view your level, xp to next level, current and max food/water, temperature, wind, elevation, enemy kills, deaths, and pvp kills. Also includes a center line on the compass. ALSO made some of the fonts WHITE for simple contrast for things like burn times, skill points available, coins, and cost/sell price of items. ALSO allows you to see your stats while still in a vehicle.

7 Days to Die Riles HUDPlus Additional Screenshot 1

7 Days to Die Riles HUDPlus Additional Screenshot 2


  • v1.04: Updated for A19 (B173)
  • v1.03: Updated for A19 (B169)

Download v1.04
Download HUD compatible with 10 Slot Toolbelt Mod

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Riles

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