Riles HUDPlus

7 days to die riles hudplus, 7 days to die hud mod

Riles-HUD now at version 1.07. This is Rile’s personal favorite set-up as it combines the best quality of previous versions. Again, the goal of this HUD is to provide extra information while keeping it simple and compact. The file is small due to utilizing only existing game materials. It continues to work Server Side.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Riles

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2 thoughts on “Riles HUDPlus

  1. Looks GREAT !!!
    And works PERFECTLY with Kheldons 96-slot backpack !!! Because in vanilla game the belt was a little over the bottom part of backpack…now with this mod it is much much better !!!

    And it works perfect as server-side mod !!!

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