8 thoughts on “A20 SpazUI

  1. This HUD is the best imo, but it is possible to make it bigger, to match other vanilla uis? keep original size buffs icons etc? On smaller screens like laptops it can be too small to be easy to read. This is the only thing that bothers me, everything else is perfect

  2. Awesome UI, but I changed the colours for personal preference. I found Stealth=white, Health=unchanged, Stamina=bright yellow, Food=bright green, Water=navy blue, and XP=purple, to be much easier to track. I really like these reduced UI, as opposed to the giant vertical bars. Thanks.

    1. This is intended – If you want the health bars to show then replace

      controller=”ToolbeltWindow” with controller=”HUDStatBar” on Line 11.

      When on a vehicle the Hud Bars will show but the XP progress will be hidden because off the controller used.

      1. Why is in intended? doesn’t that seem like a flaw if you cannot see your Health, Stamina, Food or Water while on a bike?

        also, is there a way to also see your XP bar?

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