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Archery fans, do you miss not having new bows in the late game? Or do you ever wonder about the large technology gap between the primitive bow and the mechanical recurve bow?

Well, here you go — Four new weapons for the archery skill. The composite bow is the standard upgrade from the primitive bow, with stats sitting in between the primitive and wood recurve. The shortbow is a variation of the composite’s stats, offering a quicker pull by trading away power and range. The lever bow is a modern bow that offers the assisted power of a compound bow with the more consistent draw of a recurve, thus offering a great deal of power with a smooth draw. The reverse crossbow is faster, quieter, and easier to use than a regular compound bow.

Q: Are these new bows fully animated?
A: They all have draw and loose animations. But that does not mean they are fully animated.

Q: What animations are missing?
A: In 7dtd, each weapon has a number of extra animations, such as for switching weapons and when you abort a reload. However, for those irregular actions these new bows just use the default game animations.

Q: Will you ever add those extra animations?
A: Probably not. This is a hobby mod, and that’s a lot of work.

This mod uses a number of paid models, namely:

  • Oneida Bow (lever)
  • Survival Vol 1 (composite)
  • Custom Crossbow (reverse)
  • Bows and Crossbows (shortbow)



  • Composite Bow
  • Shortbow


  • Lever Bow
  • Reverse Crossbow

7 days to die additional bows additional screenshot 1

7 days to die additional bows additional screenshot 2

7 days to die additional bows additional screenshot 3

7 days to die additional bows additional screenshot 4


1.00 Release


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Chambers

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