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7 days to die more blocks, 7 days to die doors, 7 days to die building materials

This is a 7 Days to Die mod that adds recipes for decoration block, making them available to players in-game.

  • 1.00: Make door frames, window trims, and more doors available to players (including recipes)
  • 1.01: Make missing gable block available (including recipes)
  • 1.02:
    • Removed the gable blocks for now
    • Add all windows to Business Glass Pane helper block
    • Created new craftable helper blocks for
      • Wood Door Frames and Windows Trims
      • Metal Door Frames
      • Wood Doors
      • Metal Doors
    • Logan’s Special: Add Bar Stools to the craftable Metal Furniture
  • 1.03:
    • Created a new craftable wood block helper to allow players to use all the wood blocks in the game including the wood gable blocks
    • Added Crowns to the Wood Door Frames and Window Trims helper


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Eric Beaudoin

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