Spawning Tweaked Brutal

7dtd spawning tweaked brutal, 7 days to die biomes, 7 days to die zombies

Some said, 7 Days to Die is easier nowadays. Claymore agree, but this 7DTD mod is something to consider done in plain insanity. He appended an own group of zombies, including everything hard to kill you. Even Grace is now spawning naturally (again).

  • The Pine Forest and Desert will make you to bury yourself in the night. Nice green colors… everywhere!
  • Wasteland is now a place, you shouldn’t go to – even properly equipped, you might have a bad time. No matter of time.
  • Zombies hate too high and low temperatures. The only places with “normal” zombies are the Burnt Forest and Snow. But you have to deal with the temperature.

If you plan to stream it: Claymore would be glad to hear from you.

Compatibility: A18+


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Claymore

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One thought on “Spawning Tweaked Brutal

  1. “Some said, 7 Days to Die is easier nowadays.” Really, I guess “some” people who have been playing for like a week maybe “said” that? I bought this game in 2014 and have 5000+ hours in it. TFP have done nothing but NERF EVERYTHING in every update. Every update it has been getting harder and harder to do anything with less and less exp, resources and almost all aspects of the game reduced. Its was FUN once, and I look back on those days (2016-17) with reverence, but its not anymore. Now, although the graphics are awesome, its a ridiculous grind fest that I would have have thrown this game in the garbage if it weren’t for this great modding community.

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