More Useful Super Corn

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Adds More Use For Super Corn

Super Corn Seed x1

  • Recipe: 100 Ear of Corn | Steroids x10 | Antibiotics x5 | Vitamins x5 | Pain Killers x5
  • Recipe Unlocked By: Living Off The Land Perk
  • Craft In: Chemistry Station

Super Corn Bread (+200 Food, +200 Water, Max Stam Bonus 200 & Removes All Debuffs) x1

  • Recipe: 10 Super Corn | 1 Boiled Water
  • Recipe Unlocked By: Master Chief Perk
  • Craft In: Camp Fire (Req Cooking Pot)

Gas (Another Recipe To Make Gas With Super Corn) x500

  • Recipe: 100 Super Corn
  • Recipe Unlocked By: Grease Monkey Perk
  • Craft In: Chemistry Station

Potassium Nitrate Powder x10

  • Recipe: 100 Super Corn
  • Recipe Unlocked By: Advanced Engineering Perk
  • Craft In: Chemistry Station

This is my first Released Mod if you find any issues with it Don’t hesitate to let me know.


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Credits: TangoDown

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3 thoughts on “More Useful Super Corn

  1. Are you missing UI info for this mod?
    It is giving me missing exception errors upon loading the main menu.
    Which I don’t understand because its not like the mod edits the main menu or settings
    but somethings missing

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