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RWG Small World Filler increases the POI fill ratio on an RWG 5K and 6K World.

It is provided based on feedback from Server Admin who are content with their 8GB RAM hosting packages but find 8K Worlds with a few mods pushing them over their limit after just a few hours in the A21 update. They appreciate that it is recommend to have regular restarts (6-12 hours) but this wasn’t such an issue with A19 and A20 as things were moving in a more optimised direction. A21 came as a bit of a surprise. It is also of benefit for SP where an 8K may not be necessary due to the size but a greater density of POIs may be supportive. It has been designed to be used on a Client PC using the RWG creator before uploading to a server.

Here are a couple of images to show what it does:

This is the World Seed and Settings used for this example.

7 days to die rwg small world filler additional screenshot 1

The image on the left shows a default RWG World using the above World Seed and Settings. It provides 10 Traders for 2269 lines of prefabs.xml. This does not mean 2269 POIs. It simply means that everything that goes into making this 6K World (tiles, POIs, decorative fillers, etc) is governed by that many lines.

The image on the right shows the Small World Filler change using the identical World Seed and Settings. It provides 12 Traders for 2863 lines of prefabs.xml.

7 days to die rwg small world filler additional screenshot 2

This offers a POI fill ratio increase of about 20-25% on a 6K World. When a small community of about 8 players is using a 6K World, even with POI enhancing mods, the additional hit has been reported as minimal if at all. It gives the POI benefits of a larger World but in a more compact setting. It does not try to be excessive, but more enhancing to give Server Admin greater stability and a little more RAM redundancy before the next server restart is due.

What Does It Do?

  • It allows a gateway and trader to appear in the Old West
  • It slightly increases Old West tile size from 2-3 to 4-6 tiles
  • It slightly increases Country Town residential type areas from 6-8 tiles to 10-12 tiles
  • It allows an increase in Town areas from 2-3 for default and many to 3-4
  • It slightly increases Town areas from 6-8 tiles to 10-12 tiles

What Doesn’t It Do?

It doesn’t add any more cities as this can impede the above actions.

These values can be further edited in the rwg.xml file within the mod to match your own preferences.

Just for good measure, here is an image for an 8K World Seed using the same Settings. It provides 16 Traders and 2980 Lines in the prefabs.xml.

7 days to die rwg small world filler additional screenshot 3

One further 6K which pushes lakes down to ‘Few’ and enhances the surface area available to POIs even greater. With the RWG Small World Filler, this resulted in 15 Traders in total (3 of each kind) and plenty of looting opportunities with the emphasis on Pine Forest and Desert, but still some options in the Snow and Wasteland for those who want it.

7 days to die rwg small world filler additional screenshot 4


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: arramus

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