Remove Guns

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Removes all guns from the game.
*Bows, Explosives (except Rocket Launcher), and Nailgun still in game.


  • 9mm and Shotgun rounds (and all variations, except shotgun breaching rounds) are still in the game for the Shotgun Turret and the Auto Turret.
  • Turret Crafting reworked to exclude gun parts.
  • Turrets now accept AP, HP ammo types. The stats are exactly the same, however.

New ingredients added so you have something extra to do with gunpowder

Charcoal Primer

Scrapped from gunpowder at the chemstation, or harvested from burning trees, burning blocks, etc. Combined with wood at the chemstation to create Charcoal.


Burn time far greater than wood or coal.


Credits: iSneakyPewPew

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