7 days to die trotterv4, 7 days to die helicopter mod, 7 days to die vehicles

Adds a new helicopter vehicle to 7 Days to Die that looks awesome and flies quite adeptly! Courtesy of our own JingMaoBing on the custom overhaul BlewBarry Farms server. He has been learning Unity and you’ll see us sharing a bunch more vehicles in the coming weeks/months!

7 days to die trotterv4 additional screenshot

Requires server AND client installs.


Credits: Arcueid-Gray Sage

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One thought on “TrotterV4

  1. It would be nice if this had more than 4 slots for mods. Also? Consider talking to the maker of Harry’s Vehicle Mods. He’s added a lot of slick, realistic mods to the game that would compliment this nicely.

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