Double Door Mod

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This mod adds double doors to the 7 Days to Die. There are some inherent issues with useable colliders (press to interact) and multi-dim (one block that takes up more space than one block) blocks, so Guppycur had to use some hackery. Basically he added a collider on the ground to the open side of the door. See the video for details.

With this double door mod the 7DTD game will become more enjoyable. Add your favorite doors to your base and enjoy.

Note: Guppycur has not added custom sounds for doors.


  • Updated mod to include a 1×2 swinging jail door and a 3×3 sliding door set.
  • Added recipes and made the material hard metal (it was glass, tee hee).


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur
Additional Credits: Mumphy, Chiko

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