A20 Trader Always Open & Destructible

7 days to die a20 trader always open & destructible, 7 days to die prefab, 7 days to die trader

Trader open at any Time & you want the Destructibility?

Well you are right then here!

Trader Can’t be made Mortal without c# Magic. If enough interest is there, maybe i will consider doing a patch.

Installation – Pretty straight forward

Download the files extract them and drop them into your Game Folder.

  1. Open up 7 Days to die .Exe Location.
  2. One folder “A20-TraderAllwaysOpen” should go into the “Mods” folder.
  3. Another folder “Prefabs” should override your “prefabs” folder in “Data”

Uninstallation – Easy

  1. If you’d like to Uninstall the Mod, just delete the folder inside “Mods” & remove the Trader_XXX.xml inside the “Prefab” folder.
  2. Remove the .Bak from every Trader_XXX.xml file.

I really like A20 and my mods should be available to everyone. I will update this one and create a new one in the near future. I’m also working on a mod pack with several talented friends.

You can also join my Discord server to get all the latest version also support and you can see what am working on.

Best of Luck and have Fun!


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If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: FallenAngel

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10 thoughts on “A20 Trader Always Open & Destructible

  1. Is there a way to make it work in a existing world? the open 24/7 works but the destruction doesn’t. I know starting a new game would do it. But i dont wanna lost my match

    1. i know is a bit of a late answer but could be useful for others too. you have to be inside the trader’s area and type in the console “chunkreset”

    2. No there’s no way to make it without “chunk reset” from other mods or not tried yet with Alpha 21. I will update the mod anyways.

  2. Started a new game with this mod and I love that it adds the element of having to upgrade trader bases. Jen’s base is basically made out of paper so you have to completely replace the bottom portions with blocks or it will be destroyed. One horde will absolutely ravage the place if you don’t take the time to upgrade. Love this

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