Alsep & Atrum Islands

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This is Alsep Island and Atrum Island Morggin’s 12k x 12k maps Generated with NitroGen v0501. Both of the maps use just the standard spawns (not Combo pack). They are both working on Alpha 19.3 (b6) Stable. Feel free to download and use on your private/public server. A preview map can be found inside each zip as well.

7 days to die alsep & atrum islands additional screenshot

  • Alsep Island is his original map.
  • Atrum Island has had the Height Map adjust a bit for deeper water, island adjustments and additions then rotated and flipped. It has all new roads and towns generated after the adjustments. (Atrum Island is now currently running on his public server.)
  • Atrum_HM_BIOM: This is the Import_HM.png and the biomes.png needed to generate the map to incorporate the Combo Packs if you so wish.

Download Alsep Island
Download Atrum Island
Download Atrum_HM_BIOM

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Morggin

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One thought on “Alsep & Atrum Islands

  1. Looks good…
    But…for most of the servers UNUSABLE, because 99% public servers have support ONLY for maps to 8Kx8K…….

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