Hydro’s Precision Machining

7 days to die hydro's precision machining, 7 days to die perks, 7 days to die weapons

A precision machining mod for 19.5.

Version 1.0 Includes

New Workstation – Machinist’s Bench: Retool your weapons for a chance at better stats (or worse) for a small cost. Beware, the trader does not buy equipment you’ve messed around with! Mods are now crafted here. Unlocked via the new Machinist perk or found in the wild via schematic or as a raw drop.

New Skill – Machinist: Unlock a variety of useful forged-iron tier mods as well as get better mileage out of them by boosting the damage bonus you get from using mods!

New Item – Machinist’s Compendium: Crafted from the workbench with some paper, glue, and coal this book updates your re-tooling recipes to match what you already unlocked before loading the mod.

Be aware that machinist tables found in the wild on a pre-existing world will not have the crafting menu available due to a quirk of the engine. A fresh world with the mod installed will fix this, but you can always find the bench or it’s schematic in the wild or skill into level 1 of the Machinist perk!


Credits: Hydromancer

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