Rework Repair and Learn Weapons, Tools and Armors

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Survager has to you big update for his first mod “Rework Repair Weapons“.

  1. He is very confused that the details of weapons and tools are now used only to create these things.

Now you will need these items to repair weapons and tools!

  1. He was also confused by the fact that a character could magically learn how to create complex weapons and tools simply by purchasing a skill level.

Now, in order to learn how to make weapons or tools, you will have to find these items and study them!

In addition, in order to create weapons and tools of a higher level, you will also have to learn this by further studying these items.

Now, by purchasing skills, you will not be able to learn how to make complex weapons or complex tools. The rest of the skills remain the same.

  1. It also bothers him that a simple repair kit is used to repair complex things, such as machine guns, a drill and a chainsaw.

The uselessness of parts of weapons and tools is especially visible at the end of the game, when we already have top-end items.

He decided to change this a bit.

Now, to repair weapons and complex tools, you need not a simple repair kit, but parts of these items.

7 days to die rework repair and learn weapons tools and armors additional screenshot 1

  1. Leather Armor, Rag Armor and Military Armor can no longer be repaired using repair kits. This will require the appropriate materials.

7 days to die rework repair and learn weapons tools and armors additional screenshot 2

List of Changes

  • To repair complex weapons, you need the parts of this weapon.
  • Repairing complex tools requires the parts of these tools.
  • Repairing rag armor requires duct tape.
  • Repairing Leather Armor requires leather.
  • Depending on the quality of the item, repairs will require a different amount of resources.
  • The number of weapon parts and tools in the loot has been increased.
  • Increased the number of weapon and tool parts in yellow bags dropped from zombies
  • By purchasing skill levels, you cannot learn how to make complex weapons and tools, or improve the quality of the items being created.
  • In order to learn how to make some kind of complex weapon or tool, or learn how to make this item of better quality, you will need to study this item at the workbench. To do this, you need the item itself, the details of the item, paper and adhesive tape.
  • Auto Turrets and Shotgun Turrets can only be explored using a schematic.
  • Old weapon and tool schematics have been removed from loot and sale.
  • Added new books to study items and improve the quality of items crafted.
  • Added broken weapon and tool variants to the game. Such items can be used until they break, but they cannot be repaired. Such items you can either be sold very cheaply or broken for parts.
  • As a quest reward, the player can receive several broken weapons or tools instead of one.
  • Only the first level schematics of complex weapons and tools can be bought from the merchant. To learn how to make weapons and tools of a higher level, you must study these subjects and create new schemes.


  • v1.3:
    • Removed the increase in the crafting level of rocket launchers, now you can improve the quality of the created rectometers only with the help of special books.
    • Fixed english localization.


This can greatly change your approach to survival.

You will think about whether to sell this rifle or better to break it.

Is it worth it to use a drill / chainsaw now, or is it better to use an ax / pickaxe, since there are no parts for repair.

It may happen that your favorite weapon becomes unusable, and even the dealer simply does not have repair parts. In this case, you will have to buy expensive weapons or tools from the merchant in order to break them in order to receive parts for repair or to learn this items.

To compensate for the complexity of the repair, the degradation of the changed items is reduced by 2 times.

Since complex weapons and tools require parts from these items to learn, the number of parts in the loot has been slightly increased.


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The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Survager

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