Old Hunting Rifle

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Brings back the Pre-A20 Hunting rifle. The new weapon models are generally nice, Deceptive Pastry just really missed to old classic wooden stock rifle. This was his first time working with models in Unity, let him know if you find any issues.

  • Iron sights are aligned and centered.
  • Cleaned up the reload animation a bit to fit the new rifle holdtype. It’s not perfect but should be decent and should scale properly with reload speed modifiers.
  • Unfortunately he couldn’t get the flashlight or laser sight working using the new attachment system, so it uses the old style attachments for now. Saves file size at least. Scope does use the new system and both the scope and reflex sight properly sit on a rail now instead of randomly stuck on the barrel/receiver.
  • He reduced the shininess/reflectiveness of the textures slightly, as since the change to linear lighting he felt the barrel had too many weird unusually shiny spots for an old rifle found during an apocalypse.

Download and open .zip file, place “HuntingRifle_Old” folder in your 7 Days To Die/Mods folder.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Deceptive Pastry

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4 thoughts on “Old Hunting Rifle

  1. Excuse me and how could I increase the damage to the mod that you created, could that be possible, thanks in advance

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