Punishing Weather – Core

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This mod makes the weather more challenging to deal with. It makes the assumption that the apocalypse recently occurred and the air is very dirty. The winds of nuclear annihilation have not calmed or something like that.

Lots of wind will make you want to want to be inside. A very low chances of having remotely nice weather. High chance of rain. More variations in temperature, so clothing will matter more.

The dense smoke/sand/fog particle effects are in every biome (even underwater) so if its too much (visually or FPS wise) there are 2 override mods to this mod to lessen them. If you choose to use one, load only one:

In addition there is another mod you can add that makes it even more challenging. The name is from the xml file it modifies (weathersurvival.xml): Punishing Weather – Survival

Other Addons

Warning: This mod likely does not play well with other biome weather modifying mods because it deletes the weather node on each biome that has it before adding its own. This was way easier than trying to make the modlet friendlier for other modlets by overriding all the similar/non unique environment nodes in the weather section as sometimes there’s only one, sometimes there more.


Bugfix: A few values were a little off in a biome. Not a big change.

Download for A19
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Doughphunghus

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2 thoughts on “Punishing Weather – Core

  1. Can not get my server moded with Darkness Falls + Sorcery to get past initializing state with this mod…


    *super sad face*

  2. @Clarence: This mod was not built with Darkness Falls (or any other overhaul) in mind 🙁
    However: I know why its not compatible, and will post your issue on the github repo so I’ll remember to look into it when a20 comes out. Part of the issue is that the weather is possibly going to be changed by the game devs (possibly in a20), the other is that the weather configurations that are currently accessible for mods like these are very… rough and hard to mod easily (via XML), which is why its not working with DF as I had to replace certain parts of the weather configurations, and DF likely does as well. I personally like DF and Sorcery so I’ll give it a shot when a20 comes around, but no promises I’ll be able to do it.:)

    Also: If you’re able to use DMT, there is a “seasons” mod that might be compatible, but I believe it needs the mod launcher/DMT to build. It might have some of what you’re looking for. Its by “ztensity” and is on the official mod forum threads.

    Also: I do not monitor or get notified when people post here, so if you need help/responses/etc please post in the forum or github links above.

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