RAMOS – Backpack Xui

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The mod was updated due to the many downloads that the previous one had and the request of many users insisting that it be updated, to be compatible with the new version of the game and this time more knowledge was applied To give a better look to the game now it looks more elegant and attractive.

  • Inventory increased to 98 slots
  • Modified windows with curved corners
  • Increased a chest with 120 slots
  • The color was changed to dark blue, a little gray
  • Scrapping panel increased to 6
  • The work area interface has been greatly improved
  • Fixed overlapping of some windows
  • Fixed item information panel to do
  • Changed the appearance of the user interface
  • Increased forge entrance to 3 slots
  • The mod is not compatible with the mod YOUR END, DARKNESS FALLS, UL, ETC.

7 days to die ramos - backpack xui additional screenshot 1

7 days to die ramos - backpack xui additional screenshot 2

Author Djtriplexmr and you are not allowed to copy codes or modify, the mod will have updates modifying more windows.


If you appreciate Djtriplexmr’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

Credits: Djtriplexmr

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4 thoughts on “RAMOS – Backpack Xui

    1. muy pronto saldra la actualizacion completa con una nueva interfaz,el mod se llama YOUR END , a mas tardar sale en una semana con ayuda de instalacion en youtube, sera un mod completo

  1. Trabajando en la actualizacion de este mod corrijiendo muchos detalles, este ramos mod solo modifica un poco la interfaz, a diferencia de mi MOD YOUR END que tiene una modificacion completa de la interfaz y tambien el juego

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