Scomar82 HUD

7 days to die scomar82 hud, 7 days to die hud mod

HUD for A20 is ready. The refresh of the counters doesn’t work at the moment. They refresh only by joining the game. Scomar will looking foreward to solve this somehow.

He added for both HUD’s a download without toolbeltnumbers (HUDwn and HUD2wn).

Alternative Display (Cash, Zombiekills left – Lootstage, Deaths right):

7 days to die scomar82 hud additional screenshot



  • Fixed no display of Health/Stamina/Food/Water while ride a vehicle
  • Fixed display of the fields left/right from toolbelt when UI Background Opacity is < 100

7 days to die scomar82 hud changelog screenshot 1


The Playerlevel is back.

7 days to die scomar82 hud changelog screenshot


  • He added 2 links for Download: 15Toolbelt and withoutCounter.
  • For HUD2 version he changed the display from Playerlevel to Cash. Also the alignment of the values are changed to center. He added 2 more optional downloadfiles, this are the Versions for both HUD’s without numbers above the toolbelt.


Counters are working now.


  • Small fix for health and stamina display.
  • First version of his HUD for A20 is ready. There are some little things that doesn’t work at the moment (e.g. the counter left and right from the toolbelt), but he’s on it.

Important: If you use the 15 Slot UI you must also use the 15 Slot Toolbelt from KhaineGB. If you use this you must play with EAC off, then you can access all slots. If you play with EAC on, you cant reach the slots 11-15 with closed backpack.

Download HUD
Download HUDwn
Download HUDwithoutCounter
Download HUD15Toolbelt
Download HUD2
Download HUD2wn
Download HUD2_15Toolbelt

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Scomar

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14 thoughts on “Scomar82 HUD

  1. Have yout tried:

    property name=”has_pulse” value=”true”/

    I will insert it and see if it fixes the updates

  2. Can you do one that gets rid of the annoying constant pop ups of “you are wet” and the percentage? Maybe do just a symbol in the corner and that’s all? For some reason in EVERY SINGLE ONE of my games, despite the fact I am not in the snow biome or whatever, I rarely seem to play a single day without getting AT LEAST an hours worth of the constant ‘you are wet’ popping up on my screen, disappearing, returning, disappearing, etc. It’s put me off the game when it’s constant and made it so I don’t want to play anymore. The worse thing is it’s even happening IN MY BASE, AWAY FROM WINDOWS, DOORS AND HATCHES!!! Jeze, frustrating. I would be eternally grateful to you if you could.

  3. Hello my problem is that I cannot use slot 11-15. EAC is deactivated and the 5 slot toolbelt from KhaineGB is installed. What’s my mistake?

  4. Hello ; excellent mod; I just have one problem; in all hud the kill and kill counter is only updated when dying or exiting the game and re-entering; help plz

  5. the same has a problem, I installed only the 1 HUD for A20 and it disappears with the X of the player’s crosshairs

  6. the last 5 slots on the right isn’t working for me for the 15toolbelt for some reason and i wonder did i do something wrong

  7. The zombie kill counter does not work in real time. Could you add a player level indicator? Otherwise this mod is great

  8. Hola buenas no me funciona esta mod de interfaz , y ya probe a borrar el xui por defecto del 7 days e intalarlo ahi y entro al juego y me dice creando interfaz del usuario y no arranca el juego, ya probe a meterlo en la carpeta de mods como todos los mods que tengo y no me funciona como tu tienes en la captura del juego las barras me pone las de defecto incluo la comida y el agua no me las pone de forma vertical como tu tienes en la captura que estoy haciendo mal ???

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