Tactical Weapons

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This mod is derived from “Tristam’s Tactical Action” mod. I removed a ton of unused and broken items and added a lot of missing items/features. A lot of legacy code and references were removed so it is truly just the guns and ammo now. I have since made so many changes that it warants the renaming from “Tactical Action ViperInfinity” to “Tactical Weapons”.

This mod adds various ranged weapons, mods, and scopes while maintaining most of the vanilla features or expanding on them. You can craft these new items at the Ammo Bench (New workstation). All credits to IvanDX for the original mod and Tristam.

You can safely delete TacticalAction from your mod folder and replace it with this!

Install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods


  • New Mods!
  • New Scopes!
  • New Weapons!
  • Complete Animations!


  • MK23
  • Colt 1911
  • USP 9
  • P99
  • Beretta 93R
  • Glock 18C
  • Desert Eagle
  • Raging Bull
  • Colt M1873


  • MP5N
  • MP5SD
  • UMP
  • KRISS Vector
  • Shotguns
  • M4 Super 90
  • SPAS12
  • S686
  • Saiga12K
  • AA12

Assault Rifles

  • M4A1
  • HK416
  • ACR
  • AUG A3
  • G36KV
  • SCAR L
  • SCAR H
  • M16A4
  • SA580SW

Machine Guns

  • Gatling Guns
  • M60E4
  • M249


  • Winchester M1894
  • Kar98K
  • M1 Garand
  • M14 EBR


  • M110
  • AWP
  • MSG90A1
  • M82A1

Explosive Guns

  • T1M79
  • China Lake
  • MGL140

To Do List

  • Align some scopes and fix projected laser dot location on some weapons (Mostly assault rifles).
  • Rework scope attachment system within the mod to bring it in-line with vanilla and remove remaining chinese text popup installation on weapons.
  • Rework names and descriptions for various items
  • Add more weapons like the P90



  • Removed all pop-up chinese text when swapping to any weapon
  • Renamed mod to Tactical Weapons
  • Some scopes also no longer install the chinese text pop up when equiped
  • Added proper groups to all weapons in items.xml
  • Added vanilla laser sight effects to modded laser sight (non-toggable)
  • Added vanilla light effects to modded light attachment (toggable)
  • Fixed all weapon animations and added missing ones
  • Removed a lot of unused particle effects and animations from all gun animations
  • Removed un-needed XML code for attachments
  • Removed non-vanilla muzzle flashes
  • All ammo and weapons show up in the proper spots in the UI
  • Removed metal ammo boxes, ammo bundles, and ammo crates
  • Removed TA pad modification, duplicate Scope4xACOG_TA31 modification
  • Changed ammo bench icon to avoid confusion on where items need to be crafted
  • Removed duplicate/unusable recipes
  • Added missing recipes


  • My friends are really enjoying my modified TacticalAction changes so I probably will continue this past this point until it is different enough to be called something else.
  • Removed multiple versions of the M1 Garand
  • Fixed TacticalAction mods not unlocking properly( bipod, grip, etc…)
  • Added several missing modifier tags to Tactical Action weapons
  • Added proper modifier tags to all TacticalAction mods
  • Removed custom stack counts and economic values (all were at 1 for stacks) for mods by adding in the vanilla template
  • Removed zeroing mod
  • Added appropriate vanilla mods to list of compatible attachments for TacticalAction guns
  • Made the XML’s a bit more readable
  • Raging bull revolver is now considered a revolver
  • Added modified traders and loot xml’s from Kingston621
  • Added a the general silencer schematic to the lootpool
  • Added AdvancedScopes schematic to the lootpool
  • Removed Bipod from MGT3M60E4 picture
  • Fixed MP5 and UMP scopes
  • Modified hold type for 686 shotgun to help fit it in the hands a little better. Still looks wrong but it’s not as wrong anymore.
  • Increased compatibility with other mods in regards to how it adds these modded items.


  • Removed menu elements for SMX compatibility
  • Removed unused cooking stations
  • Modified the ammo bench to work with SMX
  • Removed Radio, psi, and food references
  • Removed howling noises and other added non-weapon related noises
  • Removed Light Sticks
  • Removed non-weapon and non-ammo images
  • Removed many unused items
  • Removed a lot of legacy code

Download Main Mod
Download SMX UI Patch

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ViperInfinity, Tristam, IvanDX

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63 thoughts on “Tactical Weapons

  1. Hello, I was wondering if the mod is still being developed? I am experiencing an issue where I am unable to see through scopes and sights. Additionally, there seems to be a problem where the person holding the weapon has three arms, one being disembodied and the other two holding the weapon. Could you please help me with these issues? Thank you.

  2. For whatever reason, when you have a flashlight and a scope/sight attached to a weapon, the flashlight stops working. your visibility to zombies still increases as indicated by the meter when crouched, but no light comes on. When you have the Flashlight(barrel) attachment equipped, and then attach a scope, the flashlight mesh disappears entirely from the gun.

  3. I really hope u will update it. amazing work brother. if u have any idea how to fix my problems pls let me know…

  4. There are a lot of bugs and problems in current patch, for example all rifles and pistols are named the same (although having different stats and models). there are 4 different ammo types that are called “9mm” that aren’t even a pistol round. problems with mods, mods either don’t work at all or can’t be attached to certain weapons and all have the same name (some long name in spanish i think or other latin lang). this is such a great mod and i appreciate the work that has been put into developing it. but why bother if u have no intent in updating it? such a shame. i would be even willing to donate if u update…

  5. I love this mod! It’s so well made & the sounds are great.
    Though some of the drop rates for some blueprints are super low. I did a playthrough that went up to 90+ days and haven’t found the MP5SD or grenade launcher blueprints.
    Is it supposed to be like this?

  6. hey, Awesome mod, However I do have one issue with the shotguns, They seem to do no damage, Like 1hp a shot, It doesn’t seem to be an issue with the entity damage, I tried modifying that, it seems baked into the guns themself, know any fixes?


  7. Hello sir,

    When choosing ammo on dynamic menu, i only have vanilla ammo displayed, is there a way to fix it ?

    Thanks, amazing work !!

  8. The download link isn’t working properly, and from what I’ve read in the comments, this doesn’t seem to be a new issue. Any chance on this getting fixed? The folder that we download is just opening directly to a the config/resources etc. folders. Nothing we can do with that.

  9. Heya, is there a way this mod will be updated to the new ZMXui, the ammo bench doesn’t have a finish slots.


  10. Accessing the ammobench, cannot see my inventory. If I want to build something, the parts have to be on my toolbelt.

  11. issue with and error code in relation to the ammo workbench not being found if anyone has any ideas? TIA

  12. I actually like the entire Tactical Action MOD, only thing I don’t like is the Chinese characters when pulling out a gun, how would I go about REMOVING that on the full version of TA?

  13. Great mod! Only complaint that I don’t see on the to do list here is that unlocking HP ammo doesn’t seem to work; I have the Sniper volume HP 5.56 ammo says I need to read but I still can’t craft it. Could be happening with the other ammo types too; hopefully this isn’t too hard to fix.

    1. I am having issues with it. When I build and place it down, I am not able to access it and not able to interact with the rest of the workstations.

  14. Hey is a really nice mod unfortunately we can not get him on the server of NET4player is there anything to consider ?

  15. Hallo I have the problem that the crafting stuff donnt go in the workstation. they are despanning after building it. only when you stay in the workstation the it goas direct in the inventory.

    pls Fix it.

    even the mod is pretty funy and good.

  16. idk if this is intentional or not but when you add a scope to the scar h or scar L the flashlight stops working

  17. so i just instal the mods onto my server and on my client
    i cant seam to get this mod working ?!??! is it broken or what is it that im doing wrong?

  18. Still having an issue where the ammo workbench does not output to any location other than your inventory if you are standing there watching it while it does the work, otherwise you have to pickup the workbench to get the crafted items.

  19. the audio for some guns does not work not sure whats up i thought it was another mod but it still didnt work when i removed the other mod i am using this and looms united fire arms mod

  20. Just want to make sure this is accurate. A fully moded base sniper rifle does about 39 more damage than a M14 EBR with all its mods. Mods do not increase damage.

  21. There are issues with this version and reclass mod something to do with the ammo that is not in the vanilla version.

  22. Are these weapons worked into the loot system or can they only be crafted? If they are not worked into the loot system how would I go about including them into the loot system?

  23. I am finding with the SMX skin + the ammo bench I am not seeing a box with the finished Item meaning I have to pick up the ammo bench to get my crafted items and then placing the bench back down.

    1. I saw you posted the same issue on the other mod page, make sure you are not using a mod manager and look up how mods work for the game. I believe it is an installation issue. If you are on Linux then that could be the problem as well.

  24. Tristam just updated and is doing a ton of work removing the Chinese lettering that pops up on all of the guns at equip and lining up iron sights rather meticulously. Do you plan on keeping updates parallel to that version or perhaps adding your contributions to the main mod over on the forums? Love the SMX compatibility. Great move. I also like the howling being gone.

    1. i am continuing this version of the mod. i am making a proper patch for smx compatibility for tristams version and then renaming this mod. I already removed all unused items from the xlm. I am making a ton of changes to this mod. I am also working on removing the Chinese text as well and fixing all of the models and attachment positions from within Unity instead of the xml. Tristam also seems to be removing some features from the guns on his fixed variants which is why I’m doing it my own way. I am continuing to remove the unused models from the mod. My goal is to get the mod up to vanilla quality before adding new features and leaving the name tactical action.

      1. Awesome. Sounds like a great plan to me. The more people giving this mod attention the better. The variety is great for us players for sure as well. Everyone likes different things so being able to mix and match or pick and choose is always appreciated. Thanks for your work here man:)

    1. You copy the TacticalAction folder into the Mods folder. The directory should look like this

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\TacticalAction

      1. stupid question…when i open tactical weapons to extract to mods folder there are four sub folders..config..resources…UIatlases…modinfo.xml..do i extract these 4 folders into mod folder? thank you

      2. Do you plan on re-uploading this correctly? All you have is the internals of the mod and not its main folder I tried naming the folder various different things including what you said above and nothing works the mod is broken without the contents of the mod being inside a main folder basically when we download it it looks like someone opened a mod folder copy and pasted the inside of it into a zip and then uploaded it here

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