The Forgotten Island (Map)

7 days to die the forgotten island (map), 7 days to die maps

My first ever custom Map, There is some goofy generation but nothing worse than pregen.

Any feedback appreciated as I will be creating more maps.

To use this map move it to 7 days to die map folder as any other custom map or world.


Credits: Mobile Device Gaming (Made using KingGen)

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4 thoughts on “The Forgotten Island (Map)

  1. 1. Review trader locations:
    1.1. I started on main island with “Talk to trader” quest leading to north west small island – swimming all 1st day through 1 km wide body of water was annoying.
    1.2. After talking to trader – i realise that every 1lvl quest is on main land (1 km swiming again – u serious?).
    2. Water problems:
    2.1. Shores are vertical without beaches.
    2.2. A lot of trees growing from water,

    1. You knon there are few starting points on this map, so instead of starting a new game again and be relocated somewhere else most likely closer to another traider, you did all this shit. You just had unlucky start that is all.

    1. Its KingGen fault that there is so many traders, you can choose decreased, normal or increased, where decreased creates 1 or 2 traders and normal goes with 7 to 9…

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