Better Bandages

7 days to die better bandages, 7 days to die medical supplies

This mod changes the way you craft first-aid bandages. Instead of requiring cloth and aloe, it now requires bandages and aloe.

This means that you can either craft normal bandages first out of cloth, and then make first-aid bandages or, more importantly, you can use any normal bandages you already have and/or find and turn them directly into first-aid bandages.


If you find any issues or have a suggestion for improvement, please open an issue and Donovan will look into it ASAP.

Credits: Donovan

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One thought on “Better Bandages

  1. A very smart mod! You modders should all be in charge of TFP since they keep nerfing everything so much they took most of the fun out of the game! Thank you for all these great little mods that return so much more fun to the game! I would hate this game if it weren’t for all of you!

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