Extra Supply Crates

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When the game spawns a supply crate, it’s hardcoded to spawn sc_general from entityclasses. This mod changes that so it pulls a random supply crate from the SupplyCrates_General entitygroup instead.

KhaineGB added some new supply crates to that group (sc_Melee, sc_Ranged, sc_Food, sc_Construction, sc_Medical, sc_Ammo) and the game now randomly picks one of those when it spawns a crate. There is a slight bug with the “plane” audio that he need to look into, but it works.

Loot in the crates is absolutely NOT balanced with the new progression that TFP have for A19. This was more of a “Proof of Concept” and learning exercise for himself. However, it might be useful for other mod makers who want some more randomness to their supply crates in their content.

If you use this, KhaineGB STRONGLY recommend re-writing the entries in loot.xml so it’s more balanced with TFP’s loot system.

DMT V2 is required for this mod.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: KhaineGB

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