Fire Mod

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Powered by sCore, this mod adds elements to the base fire mod that Sphereii created.


  • Flamethrower
  • Napalm Ammo
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Better smoldering smoke particle
  • Oil Slick flammable traps
  • Lightning Strikes (primarily in the burnt forest, however occasionally elsewhere)
  • FireNado’s (in burnt forest)

Potential Add-on’s

  • Fire truck (would require additional mod dependencies)
  • Flamethrower bandit

This mod requires both Server and Client install and EAC to be Off. Don’t come crying to Guppycur when you can’t follow these simple instructions.

Instructions for Use

  • Get and maintain the latest version of sCore
  • Get and maintain the last version of Fire Mod
  • Unzip into the appropriate mod folder for the version of the game you are playing on
  • Start the game with EAC Off
  • Go burn stuff down 😃

Although he has included recipes and loot, it would be a really good idea to go through those and tailor those to your needs.

FYI Guppycur does NOT update for Experimentals. Update the game at your own risk.

He will not attempt to troubleshoot any mod if it is used with ANY mod other than sCore or NPCmod. That’s not up to him to do! It is the player’s responsibility to troubleshoot when they mix mods, not his. If there are issues with the mod when run by itself (and score and npcmod) then he will take a look.


Better fire and smoke.

7 days to die fire mod changelog screenshot 1

7 days to die fire mod changelog screenshot 2

7 days to die fire mod changelog screenshot 3

7 days to die fire mod changelog screenshot 4

DOWNLOAD Fire Mod (178,9 MB)
DOWNLOAD sCore (27,6 MB)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Guppycur, SphereII

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23 thoughts on “Fire Mod

    1. This Fire Mod is very dangerous, it will allow Fire to burn anything wood. Oh and it does spread rather easily. The included Fire Extinguishers are really weak and not perfected yet, so … LOL

  1. Adding fire to this game gives a whole danger and caution when looting and fighting. This may sound dumb but I think it’s over powered the amount of fire there is, no longer a good idea to use explosive indoors especially at your home base.
    “Then don’t use explosives, use other than wood for your base, uninstall the mod.” in case I get a response like those or similar; no, no, no, and no.
    What I think would be more better is either a block having a percentage chance to catch on fire and/or other explosive items ranging what’s less likely too more likely set things on fire. The fire extinguisher needs more ammo… A LOT more plus if we cannot make more fire extinguisher fuel then we should have other alternative ways of putting out a fire. emptying a jar of water, hitting a wooden block that’s on fire, maybe a grenade extinguisher that we could also craft.
    This mod should be updated nerfing the fire spread due to explosives.

  2. Is it possible to somehow disable the transformation of vultures and ordinary zombies into burnt ones?

  3. This Fire Mod is so awesome, I nearly burned down my base testing the molotovs. Not kidding, as I just realised their is a fire extinguisher, as water does not work. The fires do spread to other wood structures, and can be seen from the air while in gyrocopter. Thank you.

    1. Note: The Fire in this mod is too dangerous to feel safe using Molotovs etc. so I have un-installed it. The problem is my base was ruined, and the map I was playing in. Everything that had caught fire, (and I had fixed) was contaminated by the fire mod, and dissappeared after the removal. That’s OK, as I had just found the Fluffy Panda Airport map and trashed the old map. So use this Fire Mod with caution, as I had to un-install it.

      1. You’d rather not adjust to a little more realism. Thats fine, it is your game you play.
        Of course, explosives and Molotovs will burn shit down.
        It was expected of them when they were added to vanilla.
        Many of us were disappointed for the lack.

  4. An awesome update to this would be if you put a torch on the wall to close to a ceiling or built a campfire on a wood block, the surrounding blocks would catch fire.

  5. Is there a way to turn fire spreading off? Really want to have this awesome mod buit don’t want to tank my server

  6. Great mod so far, fire is terrifying but not so deadly that getting caught in it is instant death, and it’s neat to return to a previously burning building and seeing a pile of rubble. The addition of fire extinguishers is greatly appreciated, but there’s a slight balance issue with them; scrapping them returns assault rifle parts, and extinguishers are fairly common. (As they should be!) Them having multiple tiers like weapons do also feels a bit unneeded, but I’m assuming that’s just a quirk of how they’re implemented and not an intended thing.

    1. I really like the way the fire spreads to all wooden structures, but I nearly burned down my base testing it. My fire extinguishers also look strange when actually using the CO2, it’s – unfinished pattern in the fog, but will extinguish the fire.

  7. (20.6 b9) no fire spread, all wand is useless, 3D effects and firenado run correctly.

    installed at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods

    I’m not running a server

  8. I added the mod to my directory on my multiplayer server. im getting the destruction of blocks, but no fire or fire spread with the flame thrower. entities will light like normal. i didnt go any further than placing the folder into my directory. any suggestions on what to do next?

  9. Was just thinking fire is so underutilized in vanilla, and wondered if FP would ever do anything about it. Now that this mod adds a mechanic that allows for setting wood block alight, as well as zeds, it’s no longer wishful thinking.

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