Vanilla Plus

7 days to die vanilla plus

TL;DR Description: MASSIVELY Enhanced Vanilla Friendly Gameplay. Build/Upgrade “ALL” Blocks. Simplification of building through MISC System. Bundle MANY things. MURDER AXE. Many Fixes. Vehicle Seating+. Ammo Scrapping Improvement. Wasteland Mining. Entity Death Improvements. Max Level 1000. MASTER Skill Tree. Label Improvements. AND SO MUCH MORE!

Main Features 1 Through 9

1) ALL BLOCKS – 158 shapes are now upgradeable and buildable. Start with wood, iron, or rebar frames, flagstone, wet concrete, or bulletproof glass. Except for glass, all upgrade paths end at stainless steel.

2) MISC Blocks – A lot of miscellaneous block types in wood and iron form. For example: doors, ladders, catwalks, ibeams, fences, and several mundane traps. New progression system of wood to reinforced wood, to iron, to steel. Blocks found in the world upgrade into this progression system.

7 days to die vanilla plus additional screenshot 1

3) Bundle+ and Supply Blocks – All books and schematics are re-readable. Bundle volumes 1-7 into a single collection. Bundle ALL the collections into a single Encyclopedia. Bundle a large variety of items, unlocked across specified skills and books. Additional description in game is provided. Craft these bundles into a placeable block that is easily picked up.

4) New Things & Fixes – Personal favorite is the MURDER AXE, essentially an axe that swings like a sledge hammer and follows the deep cuts skills. Armor Vision mods into chest and/or helmet. Honey, eggs, and feather harvesting. Paintless Painting. Scrap batteries into Acid…. and so much more.

7 days to die vanilla plus additional screenshot 2

5) Seating Plus – 5 people can sit in a truck, 2 on a motorcycle.

6) Scrapping Plus – ALL ammunition scraps into a “bundle” that when open, returns an appropriate amount of associated resources.

7) Wasteland Plus – Upgrading Treasure Hunter unlocks the ability to harvest additional resources from Wasteland Debris (not fallen debris). Details are easily seen in skill descriptions.

7 days to die vanilla plus additional screenshot 3

8) Entity Death Plus – Zombies leave harvestable guts. Animal corpses last 20 minutes. Loot bags last 10 hours. Watch out for the fat cop’s exploding guts that can be picked up as a landmine.

9) Master Skills – Check out the new skill progression of levels 250 up to 1,000. Master version items along with other enhancement available.


If you need help, you can use this support link.

Credits: Riles

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