Weapon/Hands FOV (Camera Distance) Changer

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Long time ago TFP locked the hands/weapon FOV and set it to extremely low (45, lower than console games) because the hands model looked bad. Now they fixed the hands model (Magnum holding anim still looks bad but w/e) but the FOV is still locked to 45. ivailogeimara couldn’t find other mods doing this so he decided to create this mod to be able to set the hands/weapon FOV to something more reasonable like 60.

This mod adds a console command:

wfov <number>
wfov 58

That changes the hands/weapon FOV. When executed without arguments (like wfov) it gets the current WeaponFov (by default he made it 60). When given a number (like wfov 60) it sets it to that number.

More Technical Info

This mod is actually separated to 2 mods.

  1. First is 0-FieryRiderCore which has the code for managing and storing custom options (Maybe it’ll be useful to someone else). It creates a customPrefs.xml file inside <GameDir>/Data/Config where it stores the custom options.
  2. Second is FOV Changer which adds a custom option and using it to set the WeaponFov.

This is a DMT mod. So requires DMT Modding Tool.

Bonus Mod: Pistols AAA Aim Fov – Not a DMT mod. Just vanilla. Moves the standard pistols (that are normally in the game) away from the camera while aiming like it is in many AAA games. He think it looks better.

Download 0-FieryRiderCore
Download Fov Changer
Download Pistols AAA Aim Fov (Bonus Mod. Not a DMT Mod)

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ivailogeimara

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