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7dtd creature pack - a community entity project, 7 days to die bandits, 7 days to die trader, 7 days to die zombies, 7 days to die animals

This goal of this new 7 Days to Die mod is to provide core “Packs” that contains various vanilla compatible and fully featured characters such as bandits, survivors, animals, wandering traders, etc. without breaking EAC or requiring the DMT utility. Included in this test version are samples of each type of character with very basic xml to get them working in game. No balancing of spawn rates, weapon power, etc was attempted.

Xyth deleted the old creature pack and replaced it with 5 new packs:

  • 0-CreaturePackAnimals – Release 1.0 adds a snowfox and a goat
  • 0-CreaturePackFantasy – Adds 2 different “swarms”, which are flying things like vultures but more annoying
  • 0-CreaturePackHumans – Various bandits, traders, and survivors
  • 0-CreaturePackMechs – A robot, drone and 2 SphereBots, the avatar of my modding partner SphereII
  • 0-CreaturePackZombies – A Santa zombie and the reference template “Nurse”

Other character modders have committed to contributing additional characters to this pack like they do to the POI (Buildings) collection called CompoPack. Want to join them? Start here.

The methods used to make this vanilla compatible were researched and developed over the past 2 years and finally it seems to be working well enough to test. However, this is something very new and challenging to develop so expect imperfections as we work out all the issues. Once initial testing is complete Xyth plan to teach the development workflow to others.


Most characters support all vanilla character features. These include Humanoid rigging, root motion animation, collision with vehicles, rag-dolling, 100’s of animated reactions (including hit locations, limping, etc.), limb decapitation and gore, and even the ability to spawn the characters with vanilla or custom weapons just by editing xml. There are some exceptions, especially on animals, as Xyth just started to explore that controller. They also work very well as sleepers in POIs, but stumbling onto a bandit that has a MP7 at close range isn’t something you will live to enjoy.

Hopes and Dreams

Beyond hoping that this pack someday contains 100’s of new characters, Xyth hope some folks develop custom quests and story lines for some of the characters. Bandits are one thing, but earning a positive faction with the bandit leader by doing some hit jobs for him makes for a better end game.

Known Issues

New zombies can use all walktypes but humanoids like bandits and survivors, walktype 7 is used as its the least zombie-ish of the walktypes. On this walktype Xyth only replaced the idle/walk/run animations, and added specific new animations for rifles and bows. Many more need to be added or replaced when time allows but its not bad as is.

Adding weapons on entity spawn works but, for example Eve and her sideways AK47, requires him figuring out the default rotations of the hand location for guns. Melee worked on the club but he didn’t try other melee weapons yet.

There are currently no footstep sounds when these guys walk or run. Vanilla footsteps require a C# script to trigger sound events and they can not use scripts without breaking EAC. He expect to create a work around for that at some point but for now, look around more.

He handle character physics differently than vanilla does so there may be issues in this area.

New idle/walk/run animation blending is basic and will be tuned in later versions. SphereII wrote him a script that logs the values the game passes into the controller recently so now he can see a bit more about the relationship between xml movement values and Unity blend tree values. So everything you see for this test was just guessing at values.


The mods are named with a prefix of 0- to insure it loads before other mods that will edit the basic xml provided in this core mod. Nothing in this mod’s xml should change vanilla in a way that collides with other mods but let him know if it does.

Testing was done on 18.3 stable.

Each submitted Unity.3d file should have a size less than 100 megs for Github compatibility.

This is likely not compatible at this point with his DMT Bandits and Wandering Traders, and maybe not the NPCs as well as there will be duplicates across these mods until that’s all cleaned up.


To promote ease of reusing the characters in future mods and modlets, they think some recommended standards are needed. This is the subject of ongoing discussions, and always subject to revision, but the following are recommended standards for adding new characters to these packs.

To offer a balance between freedom to choose individual characters and still maintain some organization of kinds of characters, there will be 5 basic character groups: Humans, Zombies, Animals, Mechs, and Fantasy Characters. Each of these will be a modlet containing a resource folder of individual .unity3d asset bundles for each character. The xml for each character will be in xpath format and merged into the master xml files for that modlet.

Characters should be built to conform to TFP character standards and best practices as much as possible, and function in game like existing TFP characters do, with included ragdolls, rootmotion and gore. Additional information on this will be provided in video tutorials.

Characters should have descriptive names to help end users know what they might be loading, so names like SnowFox is good if its a Snowfox, but Mylittlepal would be a bad name for a Snowfox.

Keep the characters low/mid poly and watch texture sizes. Go for 2k texture maps – 1k additional maps. Xyth try to keep most entities under 10 megs. TFP is changing to higher definition zombies, so we will conform to what they do when we get to see that.

The material index used should be listed in the xml, so modders can do material overrides in xml and know what material they are targeting. For example, the TFP nurse zombie would be:

<!-- Retexturing Index: Materials : 0 Body,1 Eyes -->

LODs are not required, but if added keep those down to 1 or 2 max.

More will be added here as they go.


The following community members have donated resources to this project. Please thank them for their contributions!

Xyth will try to keep this list current.

  • DarkStarDragon – Zombies
  • Guppycur – Zombies
  • Robeloto – Spider sounds
  • TSBX – Zombies
  • Mumpfy – Re-texturing and new asset creation
  • Kergan – XML
  • SaltyAF – XML
  • Chiko – XML


  • Pushed a CP-Human update with new characters for the NPC mod to use. (new)
  • Pushed a new version of the zombiepack with one fix (TFP improperly formed an AITask in vanilla on the cop), and added a lot of new spawning groups submitted by their latest community contributor, Chiko! Custom zombies will now spawn during bloodmoons and in other hordes.
  • Pushed new version, but only minor edits for this mod. Mostly added new NPC characters for the NPC mod that are not available in xml for this mod yet. They are emptyhanded versions in case anyone wants to use them as bandits in this mod.
  • Pushed a revert to remove DarkStar’s entity updates until they can sort out what when wrong.
  • Pushed new zombie and human Packs. Walktype9 is now hooked up for any entity using the new controllers (zombie and humanoid). You can test on the nurse, farmer, behemoth etc but not Guppy/darkstar zeds yet. NPCs with the new controller use IsBusy which uses a new idle state or states while they wait on you. Again, those currently are enabled fully on Xyth’s entities, and maybe on some of darks NPCs. Until SphereII tracks down a bug, npcs with older controllers might walk in place while you talk to them.
  • Pushed refactored xml, humans no longer extend from zombiemaletemplate, isolating them from other mods that change that base vanilla template. Also prevented cripple walking on ranged humans and lowered chance on melee humans.
  • Added the Behemoth. He has a mesh issue that cant be fixed in Unity unless Xyth make new kneeling and death anims, so on death he gets a little, er, excited. Xyth also didn’t add him to spawning groups yet as he’s a boss, and would need some thought on when/where he appears.
  • Pushed new versions of packs, mostly rebalancing of spawn rates and new weapons for NPC modlet to consume.
  • Second mini quest added, to creature pack animals this time, and first miniquest in humans pack adjusted slightly.
  • Pushed new version of animals (added some DarkStarDragon Dogs) and slightly lowered spawn rate of Guppy zombies.
  • Added in DarkStars soldiers into spawngroups. New quest added.
  • Pushed a new version of the Human creaturepack. It has some refactoring and adding of new options for spawning bandit weapons in that pack and for the NPC mod. Hopefully save safe but dont update if you cant risk it.
  • The Invalid Index warning was on the Goat. Fixed in version 1.16, which Xyth just pushed to repo. Also increased the spawnrate of custom zeds now that they seem stable.
  • Added 4 more DarkStarDragon female raiders to the human pack. Great VoiceOvers on these.
  • Just pushed new packs, Added new zeds from TSBX, added many new spawning groups so the new zombies appear as sleepers and in hordes. (Not bloodmoon or scout hordes yet though). Animal spawn areas sorted by SaltyAF, new spawn groups added by Kergan.
  • Added some new Doctor zombies from Mr. Guppy.
  • Added 5 soldier survivors DeltaForce, NationalGuard, NationalGuardMedic, ArmyRanger, ArmyDoctor.
  • Radio chatter sounds added to male soldiers.
  • Burst fire attack added to ranged soldiers to make it easier for them to hit targets.
  • Pushed version with 7 new zombie soldiers by Guppycur. Added those and DarkStarDragon’s Vault folks to spawning.
  • Pushed a new release, misc Unity edits on most entities to improve same, added DarkStars’ Flamer bandit.
  • Various fixes and some new Zombies and Bandits pushed.
  • Goat head collider fixed.
  • Did a major refactoring, pushed new version, added 5 more zombies made by darkstardragon.
  • Added more birds and a really cool reskinning of the Robot done by Mumphy. The robot will now attack on dedi as well.
  • Been pushing new versions, most recent added 3 new spiders to the animalpack. Improved human walk animations, and added 2 test banditEves that use the ranged class rather than vomit class so are scary accurate. As they are baanditclass entities the are not in the spawngroups as they will NRE if they enter a trader protection zone.
  • Pushed version 1.01 of the Human Pack. Added A new character (heavy trader from trader modlet), added a few more character variants, added some new entitygroups.

Terms of Use

The goal of everything SphereII and Xyth do is to share information and examples of how to make this game better. So use this for yourselves or as part of a mod you develop for others to enjoy. Giving credit to the author is always a class act, but at least don’t be that guy who spends an hour editing someones work and then claims to be the original author.


Just drop the mod into your Mods folder and have fun. They are not dependent on each other so load the ones you want.


Addon modlet to remove the non-PG voice clips from bandits: No Potty Mouth

Download 0-CreaturePackAnimals
Download 0-CreaturePackFantasy
Download 0-CreaturePackHumans
Download 0-CreaturePackMechs
Download 0-CreaturePackZombies

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Xyth

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    1. It should work. But I don’t know exactly. You should try it or you can ask this directly to the mod author using the forum topic link in post.

  1. I have a question, I downloaded the mod and I liked it a lot but I can’t find the Bandits, but is there a way to change the Bots to become Aggressive?
    if you have both answer I am grateful Thank you ….

    1. Hello. Bandits may be living in an area you haven’t been to yet. I think you should play the mod for a long time. Maybe you’ll encounter later.

      is there a way to change the Bots to become Aggressive?

      I don’t know. You can ask this directly to the mod author using the forum topic link in post.

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