Hulvey’s Super Auger Mod

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This mod adds a Super Auger, essentially a buffed version of a normal auger with higher block damage. It uses the auger model in-game and the auger icon with a green tint.

The recipe is unlocked by Miner69r level 5, although Hulvey originally planned to make a schematic for it. The tags were not working for some reason and he was getting the yellow error text. The Super Auger recipe consistently requires 10 raw diamond, and much more steel and motor tool parts than its vanilla counterpart.


  • Super Auger go munch munch on rocks and dirt
  • Unlocked by Miner69r lvl 5
  • Recipe needs more steel and motor tools parts + 10 diamond
  • Kind of needs more features to be relevant but its ok(He will call it a WIP)

7 days to die hulvey's super auger mod additional screenshot 1

7 days to die hulvey's super auger mod additional screenshot 2

You are free to do whatever you want with this within The Fun Pimps’ rules.

Click download all in the top right and unzip the file, then place it in a “Mods” folder in your 7 days game folder.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Hulvey

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6 thoughts on “Hulvey’s Super Auger Mod

  1. Hey fellas, could we get that for A20 as well? I rly love this mod. Thank you so much for sharing it! Now I miss it a lot 😉 🙂

  2. Ah…sorry for spam…
    Now i downloaded this mod and see it have no custom icon files, so IT CAN BE USED on public servers !!! SUPER, THX !!!
    I go and change the amount of gas myself :)))

  3. And one thing you do wrong : the green icon !!! Without that it would maybe works for server-side-mod ! With the custom icons, if i want to put it on server, all players have to download this mod too and that is not good, because nobody wants to install mods to play on public server…

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