Trader Protection Aura

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Trader Protection Aura is a very simple, niche mod that is designed for use with custom trader POIs, such as those found in Compopack, but can also be used without them. This is mainly aimed at the multi-trader POIs which are susceptible to zombies wandering in and interrupting you while you’re bartering for that sweet new cowboy hat.

The mod adds a buff to traders which protects any players within range, making them invulnerable to damage and immune to ailments and debuffs. The protective aura persists for 3 seconds after leaving the trader’s vicinty, providing a small grace period from damage.

Compatible with new and existing worlds.

Mod Versions

Trader Protection Aura

Simply applies protection to players.

Trader Protection Aura Anti-Cheese (Recommended for Servers)

Applies protection to players and zombies, and prevents usage of weapons and tools.

This prevents players from being able to cheese the mechanic by fighting zombies near the trader while they’re invulnerable.

Download Trader Protection Aura
Download Trader Protection Aura Anti-Cheese

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Jegethy

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