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7dtd white river - tools of citizenship for a18, 7 days to die quests

ShoudenKalferas wanted to share a little mod pack he has been working on. He tried to design this so that it could either be dropped into an existing game or work from a new game.

This 7 Days to Die mod collection extends the new player White River citizenship quest line to provide some gather & craft quests to obtain improved tools and equipment. Each item has a small back story and explanation in an attempt to blend with the vanilla game and Trader experience. This gives new players a chance to obtain named-gear through a method other than randomness or traditional progression.

ShoudenKalferas tried to balance the rewards and equipment these quests provide to not provide an excessive reward and throw off balanced gameplay. In most cases, the named items only provide a small improvement over the items they were created from.

This mod is only XML XPath modlets and only needs to be installed on the server!

The mod collection provides a multi-tier quest line, first requiring the player to craft a +Declaration of Citizenship. This allows them to begin a quest to volunteer to help lay to rest 10 old residents now turned zombie. This earns the player a +White River Citizenship Card which they can then use to select which equipment quest they would like to pursue. The player’s citizenship card is returned to them after they complete the quest. If it is lost for any reason, the player can craft a new +Declaration of Citizenship to start the process over of becoming a White Run citizen.

White River – Tools of Citizenship

The White River settlements are looking for new citizens to give extra tools and equipment that they’ve collected. They are offering to provide a select few survivors access to higher quality equipment in exchange for volunteering to complete various tasks for the settlement. There is a limited supply and these items are only available to those who gain citizenry with White River settlements. In addition to the reward, the player is also offered a small stack of wet concrete blocks, from the last of the Trader’s community inventory to assist in re-establishing a homestead.

Citizenship is offered in two-tiers:

  • Tier 1: Kill 10 Zombies. This is the Basic level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Citizenship Card
  • Tier 2: Kill 100 Zombies. This is the Veteran level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Veteran Citizenship Card

Once the player obtains their citizenship card, they can use this to craft quest starter items for the equipment quests below. Some of the quests below offer a veteran version which rewards a sealed crate containing better quality, more items, and greater quantity of each multi-quantity item. However, after each “Veteran” quest is complete, only a basic citizenship card is returned. The player must successfully complete the Tier 2 citizenship quest again in order to pursue another Veteran equipment quest below.

Questable Equipment:

  • Bambi’s Killer Compound Bow & Crossbow: Earn the famed deer killer, “Bambi’s Killer Compound Bow” or “Bambi’s Killer Compound Crossbow” with slightly better stats than Vanilla.
  • Bunyan’s FireAxe: Help the Trader stock up on potable water in exchange for a Paul Bunyan-branded FireAxe.
  • Deschain’s Revolver: Collect the eight Dark Tower series books and craft nine doors to have one of Roland Deschain’s legendary revolvers bestowed upon you. Has custom bullets that are expensive to craft, but super powerful.
  • Dundee’s Hunting Knife: Take on everything with Dundee’s famous Hunting Knife with slightly better stats than Vanilla.
  • Everdeen’s Arrows & Bolts: The settlement is trying to put together a feast. Help feed everyone in exchange for named arrows & bolts slightly better than Vanilla.
  • Gupta’s Bandages: Can’t craft first aid bandages? Trade Aloe Leaves & Cotton for a few First Aid Bandages.
  • Ivanka’s Flaming Dig Tools: From the biggest digger herself, iron and steel Pickaxe & Shovel with flaming mods and slightly better stats than Vanilla.
  • Jason’s Machete: Obtain a replica of Jason’s famous machete in exchange for helping the settlement. Big thanks to Wyldwitchykat for this addition!
  • Kuva’s Red Armor: Discover the secret ingredient in Kuva’s Legendary Red Armor. This armor is rumored to be lightweight and stealthy, with resistances to heat & cold, and an extra mod slot per piece. The basic quest is easy, but the Veteran quest is hard.
  • Leon’s Modded SMG: Help Leon finish his DIY gun project, resulting in a 9mm SMG weapon with slightly better stats than Vanilla.
  • Taza’s Axe: The famed Taza’s Axe, already awesome.

All quests, except Deschain’s Revolver, are designed to be repeatable in case of loss of equipment or to try your luck at a higher quality reward.

Bug Fix Release
ShoudenKalferas found another bug in the Deschain’s questline that was preventing proper completion. In the loot list for the books that drop, one of the books was missing and never would drop for the player. This has been fixed in the 1.7d release.

Download for A17
Download for A18

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: ShoudenKalferas

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