Stample’s Defense Quests

7 days to die stample's defense quests, 7 days to die quests

This adds 5 defend quests (one of each tier) that send you to a random T1 or T2 POI, where you defend White River assets against 3-4 waves of zombies, and dispatch a leader zombie at the end.

  • T1 all normal zombies at a T1 POI
  • T2 all normal zombies, with a few of the harder (fat, military) ones, at a T1 POI
  • T3 mix of normal and feral at a T2 POI, a few special zombies (cop, spiders, bikers, etc.) will show up occasionally
  • T4 mostly feral at a T2 POI, special ferals will show up near the end
  • T5 mix of feral and glowies at a T2 POI, radioactive ferals and demolishers can show up near the end.

The quest will reset the POI at the beginning, which means local inhabitants may join the fight, and you cannot build fortifications ahead of time.

Dispatching the leader zombie advances both the Trader-given quest, and the sub-quest that send you to the POI, and both can be turned in at the trader upon return.

It is possible to just craft the radio receivers and do the waves at a POI without visiting the trader, but that’s where the majority of the rewards come from.


The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Stample

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3 thoughts on “Stample’s Defense Quests

  1. Does this work on the most recent version as I installed it and started up a world and loads of blocks in buildings were bugged for me but not for my friend. Then later on another friend said he was experiencing that bug too. I uninstalled the mod and now it’s working. 😛

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