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SMXcore is a library of assets needed by ALL SMX branded mods. This is the CORE SMX mod and must be installed together with ANY of the main SMX downloads, SMXhud, SMXmenu or SMXui. NONE of them will work without this one!

  • Verified to work with: A21.2B30
  • Dependencies: Quartz by Laydor. (Included)
  • Compatibility: This is an asset library, it can overwrite asset references from other mods that change vanilla icons and sprites.

Terms of Use

You are allowed to use this modlet as is for your own personal use and/or on a server you run and/or administrate.

You are under no circumstance allowed to distribute any SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets without written consent from the main developer.

If you wish to distribute SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets as part of your own project and consent have been given you are required to do so in such a way so that all the files of the SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets in question remain unaltered and you cannot under any circumstance claim credit for creating the modlet or modlets or any of the files provided with it/them.

If consent is given you are required to make any changes as a new modlet that injects into the modlet in question and keeping load order in mind it is to be named so that it loads AFTER the original modlet. The original modlet shall be distributed as is with no change to its files what so ever.

If consent is given it is only given on a case to case basis and those that receive consent cannot pass that consent on to another party or project. Nor will the consent pass on to other creators that opt to include consented work into their project.

You are not allowed to use any of the assets bundled with SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets in other projects. This restriction applies to all files that the SMX and/or ZMX modlets consist of. EXCEPTION: The content of the Harmony folder is to be considered open source and can be used freely as long as the original credit comments within the files are not removed or altered other than adding to.

You are required to seek special consent from the main developer should you wish to make changes to any asset files provided with the SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets.

You are required to inform the main developer when your project that contains any SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets have been made available to the public.

Meet the Team

As of A20 Sirillion decided to move SMX into the lands of Harmony and with that digging even deeper into what they can do with modding the game. This requires knowledge that he does not possess enough of to be able to continue working on this on his own. As a result the team has grown and they have added some supernerds that know this stuff.

Main Credits

  • Sirillion (main developer/designer/xml/coding)
  • Sphereii (developer/coding)
  • TormentedEmu (developer/coding)
  • Laydor (developer/coding)

Contributors: Mumpfy(art)

Installation and Removal Procedures

  • First and foremost, the most important thing you need to do with SMX in A21: TURN OFF EAC!
  • Backup your save game before installing ANY mods to the game. They don’t expect SMX to cause any issues, it is just good practice!
  • Download the mod.
  • Decompress the downloaded files with WinRAR or a compatible compression software like 7zip.
  • Copy or move the Mods folder you just decompressed into your 7 Days to Die installation folder. Overwrite if prompted.
  • Verify your install by checking that the ModInfo.xml file is located in this Hierarchy: “\Mods\modletname\ModInfo.xml”
  • Remove by deleting the modlet folder in question from within the Mods folder.


Updated to

  • Updated Quartz to 2.2.1
  • Updated GearsAPI dll

Updated to

Compatibility update for A21.2B30.

Updated to

FIXED: Back end changes to fix ‘toolbelt’ error.


If you appreciate Sirillion’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Sirillion, SphereII, TormentedEmu, Laydor

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10 thoughts on “SMXcore – The Core Mod

  1. I install all Xui, XuiCP, Core, etc. and in the backpack i cant see nothing only white squares with a red cross.

    1. Try visiting one of our preferred support channels where you are able to talk to us directly and also share screenshots and logs with us. Follow the forum link above, towards the end of the mod post.

      1. Did this ever get fixed? Having the same problem giving me error Error Xui while updating window compass and Texture has not finished downloading.

    1. Has nothing to do with this modlet, that is because you haven’t installed SMXui properly, it comes with two folders, SMXui and ZMXuiCP, both are required for the mod to work.

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